10 thoughts on “Our Schedule

  1. Hi! I have been salivating over the foods on your Instagram page. Everything looks delicious! When will you be around? The schedule on your site doesn’t show any upcoming dates. Thank you!


    1. Hi Mariah, first we apologize for the late response as some comments went under our radar. Thank you for following us on Instagram. We do have some events planned for June so please check the calendar and come out and say hi.


    1. Hi Lorrie, thank you so much for asking. I spend a month at a time at sea so we currently do not operate during those periods. We will be operating again in March and will be adding dates so please keep checking the calendar. Hope to see you at the window soon.


  2. You guys! You describe all this wonderful sounding food, but don’t have anything on you website calendar. It’s not fair!


    1. Hi Suzanne, thank you for stopping by and we hope to be able to have the truck out more in the near future. Until then we do have some dates in the calendar for the upcoming weekend. You don’t want to miss us this weekend at Durham Central Park for a free live music and Saturday night we will be at Durham County Memorial Stadium.


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