Truck Menu




Greens, Beans & Queso,

Mojo Chicken


Pernil (served with a side of Arroz con Gandules)

Pernil Mac

Vegetarian Platter (Choose any 3 vegetarian sides)


Arroz Con Gandules (Rice and Pigeon Peas)

Collard Greens

Mac & Cheese



Please check with us at the truck.




“Puerto Rican Inspired Soul Food to feed the Soul”

Mixing and experimenting with foods and techniques of our grandmother’s kitchen’s led us to many thoughts, discussions and learning about two very different cuisines with similar roots. Both cuisines were the by-product of mixing of West African, Native Indian and European ingredients and techniques as a result of the African slave trade. These foods tell the story and act as a vehicle to transport history from the past.

Our menu features classics from both cuisines like; empanadas, tostones, pernil, collard greens, mac and cheese, bbq and more. We also fuse aspects of both cuisines to construct something new and exciting. Things like chopped bbq filled empanadas, and griddle fried cornbread (hoecakes) filled with Puerto Rican and Carribean inspired meats and vegetables.






 Catering 9Jul18

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7 thoughts on “The Food

  1. We need a Puerto Rican restaurant in Durham we have none , plenty of Mexican and chinese, north side of Durham or ninth street very popular growing place for foodies


  2. Approximately 20,000 hungry Boricuas (mainly newly arrived from the Island) are here in the Charlotte, NC region and more expected to come… We are hungry for a place to eat and socialize…. Is there any on the way? Long lines at the PR festivals in Charlotte shows that we WILL patronize if food is good and reasonably priced ….


  3. Your food was amazing. Took it home last weekend and it reminded me of being back in Levittown Toa Baja! My husband and I devoured our food the pernil was exactly like my Nana used to make. Thank you. Now where will you be next??


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