The Soul Patrol is a 1999 Freightliner MT55 Tool Truck. We immediately fell in love with the looks of this truck; the strong front grill and the chrome pipes were unique qualities we had not seen in any of the trucks we considered or seen on the streets. Although the inside was nothing to write home about at the time, we saw the potential in what it could be. We dropped her off in the good hands of Jack of All Trades by George like parents dropping a 18 year old off at college. We handed the keys to George Campeau and put our trust in George and his team. The truck entered Jack of all Trades garage as a huge box with an engine and on completion emerged as a sleek, mobile, Soul and Puerto Rican Food Slanging Machine.

During the transformation we launched a kickstarter campaign to offset some of the final cost associated with creating a mobile food business. There were over 100 people who saw potential in our dream and hopped on the Soul Patrol with their support. There are no words to express how grateful we are for the financial and emotional boost. We started this process with confidence and a side of apprehension. Friends, family and strangers rallied behind us and blew a huge puff of wind into our sails that continues to push us at each step. Here is a list of the people who helped Kickstart our dream and we can’t wait to take them all on this adventure:

Maria Acevedo

Michael An

Kasra Ajir

Bradford Albus

Peter Amen

Liz Anderson

Frank Andronaco

Michael Aubrey

Mike Baehr

Paulie and Jamie Boulos

Eric Bowen

Mike Brady

Emily Brown

Chris Bunch

Heather Bunning

Caitlin Burke

Dave Campbell

George and Tambra Campeau (Jack of All Trades)

Jill Carter

Christopher Clayton

Edward Coffman

Shanay Coleman

Marilyn Coleman

Nayda Davila

Mikki Denaris

Terry Dinan

Deborah Dobbins

Ira Douglas

Phillip and Allie Egge

Thomas Stetson Elliott

Brian and Sabrina Ericson

Cardinal Events

Brooke Farrell

Neisha Fredericks

Emily and Donald Gerne

Garsy Hadi

Brian Hagan

Adam Hahn

Bill Hahn

Layla Harris

Robert Harris

Gray Harrison

Katie Hauser

Scott Hewlett

John Holland

Alycia and Paul Inserra (American Meltdown Food Truck)

Jay Iungerich

Michael James

Jamillah Jackson

Lisa Kolodny Johnson

Johnny J. Jones (Zoe Pictures)

Rhonda Jones (Chez Moi Food Truck)

Nicole Patricia Kaltsas

Beth Kaplan

Katie Kaufman

Jason Kaumeyer (JWK Photo)

Janet Kaumeyer

Sue Ingram Keller

Tedrick Kelly

Emily Kerrigan

Sam King

Gina DiPaolo Koheler

Scott Kreitman

Kimberly Kurre

Courtney Lamoin

Eric Larsen

Adam Larue (One Summit)

Devin Lefebrve

Krissy Lenkaitis

Mike Liddell

Beth Mandel

Stacy Martin (Yellow Wolf Farm)

Jennifer Martin

Renee Martin

Nancie McDermott

Ty McMichael

Brendan McQuaid

Justin & Katie Meddis (Rose’s Meat Market & Sweet Shop)

Jeff Mellick

Evelyn Mendoza

Linda & Peter Milazzo

Chryssy Motta

Teague Murphy

Anja Murphy

Tess Magnum Ocana

Tim Ogilive

Sandra Oxley

Rishona Peace

Kasey Pedersen

Rebbecca Pepe

Nancy Fuscaldo Pires

Jeff Quell

Brian Re

Austin Ready

Matthew and Kristi Ready

Anna Bain & Books Reynolds

Kevin Rice

Nidia Rodriguez

Mike Ross

Jason Rowland

John Saunders

Tony Schone

The Schubert Family

Maggie & Steve Silvestri

Brian Slattery

Katrina Smith

Jessica Sozio Lund

Margo Swezey

Ric & Nicole Swiner

Tweedy Tattersall

Christian Thompson (Pork in the Road Food Truck)

Jackie Howard Walker

Jason Wall

Jessica Walsh

Amber Watson

Brett Wilderman

Dina Wilson

Warren Wright

Adrienne Zetterquist

Ryan Sullivan (Deitze and Associates)